new year

Well, school is right around the corner and i cant wait to start!!!!This semester i plan to get straigh A’s and all that good stuff,I just hope i dont run into this clingy dude named Jesse.No matter what happens he still follows you around.Did I ask you to come sit with me??Uh no i didnt sir so buh-bye. I try to be as nice as I can with him, but lately it’s getting harder. He txts me like 24-8 telling me that he’ll meet me in the lunch room!!I DONT WANT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH YOU BONEHEAD!!!!!GGGGGRRRR!!! I always end up having lunch with him though….lol..He has become a nuisance just a little but HE IS DEFINITLY MY FRIEND!!!!


My Brother is retarded

Omg!!!!!!!My brother is so slow!!!!!!!He is the most annoying,hitting folks and acting stupid. This is my first Blog thingy!!!Yay Me!

Hello world!

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